Who are these young entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders? What is their story?
How has their entrepreneurial experience impacted their lives?

For its third edition, FERD’s LIST will recognize some JA Alumni as inspiring young entrepreneurs and leaders creating value and leaving lasting footprint.

The celebration of the 2019 honourees will take place on August 29th during the JA Global Alumni Conference in Vienna, the first-ever global conference of JA Alumni broad and diverse network.

FERD’s LIST showcases the positive impact JA’s entrepreneurship programs have on young people’s careers and ambitions. This year, FERD’s LIST will be opened for nominations from outside Europe; a special occasion to celebrate the 2019 centennial for JA around the world.

AGENDA– 29 August 2019

17.00    Ferd’s List celebration


  • Kjersti E. Andersen ,Ambassador of Norway to Austria
  • Caroline Jenner, CEO JA Europe

17:10    What happened ?

FERD’S LIST impact

  • Daniel Bartel, CEO Mak3it
  • Chris Slater, Strategic Advisor Simply Business
  • Brynhild Vinskei, Head of Marketing Communications Sennheiser Communications
  • Bernhard Hofer, CEO Talentify me
  • Boris Kolev, Vice President Devexperts

17:25    Celebration: FERD’s LIST 2019 !

  • Johan Andresen, Chairman and Owner of Ferd

Presentation and discussion with the 2019 FERD’s LIST honourees
Get to know the Honourees, Who are these young entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders and how are they contributing to job creation and growth? A conversation about innovation, entrepreneurship and personal involvement led by Johan H Andresen and Caroline Jenner


18:25   Reflection panel

“We need more young entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders who can contribute to job creation and growth.”
Panel discussion: What can we learn from the Ferd’s List nominees and how can we encourage more entrepreneurship among young people ?

  • Tjeerd Bosklopper, CTO NN Group
  • Michel De Wolf, Honorary Dean Louvain School of Management, JA Alumni
  • Milica Markovic, CEO JA Austria


18:55  Closing Remarks – JA 100 years

  • Asheesh Advani, CEO, JA Worldwide

19:00  Closing



WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)
Welthandelsplatz 1
1020 Wien





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