FERD’s LIST – A New European Recognition of Inspirational Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders

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FERD’S LIST is a partnership between JA Europe and FERD, to recognize and celebrate young men and women on a unique path to “creating enduring value and leaving a lasting footprint”. Outstanding JA alumni, 5-10 young men and women will be nominated from across Europe.

FERDs LIST will recognise young inspirational innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs who are on their way to creating sustainable and successful businesses and careers. Each year between 5 to 10 honourees will be added to FERD’s LIST. They will be celebrated for the pathway that they are on, and recognized for the contributions they are making. Their experience can teach others that anything is possible.

“By value we mean far more than just financial return – value is also created through personal development and growth. Junior Achievement (JA) fits this very well, enabling young people to face challenges and explore new opportunities. JA is making an impact on thousands of young people all over Europe every day. Just as I have been, the next generation will be inspired by them, and so will our politicians, the business community, the education community and even parents,” said Johan H. Andresen, Owner and Chairman at FERD.

The nomination process for the annual FERD’S LIST is now open. The first FERD’S LIST honourees will be inducted in October 2017 at a ceremony in Brussels. JA Europe is Europe’s largest provider of education programmes for entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy. FERD is a family-owned Norwegian industrial and financial group. “FERD’s LIST” will recognize and celebrate the long-term impact JA has on young people and the society in terms of job creation and next generation leaders, by introducing an annual list of outstanding, top performing former JA students.

“We are delighted to partner with Johan H. Andresen and FERD on recognizing the outstanding achievements of former JA students who have excelled as leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators,” said Caroline Jenner, CEO of JA Europe. “FERDs and JA Europe’s intention with the initiative is to highlight the lasting impact entrepreneurship education has on young people. It is equally important for the general public and for policy makers to see how this kind of education contributes to job creation and cultivates leadership.”

Research from the past ten years provides clear proof of the effect JA has had on young people’s life. The research shows that;

  • Former students of JA programs start twice as many companies
  • You find more of them in a leadership position in a company
  • Almost none of them are unemployed
  • They are more involved in social entrepreneurship.

They had what the European Commission calls “a practical entrepreneurial experience”. They did the JA Company programme at school or the JA Start Up Programme at college or university. They learned from experienced business people and eager teachers. But most of all, they learned by doing, by winning … and by failing. As a young person, still in education, they took a product to the market. They set up their mini company. They experienced starting a business and creating jobs.

Johan H. Andresen and his company FERD have been long-time supporters of Junior Achievement’s programs. FERD was among the founding partners of JA Norway (Ungt Entreprenørskap Norway) and as a member of the JA Europe Board of Directors, Johan and FERD has also helped build the JA network across Europe. In particular, Johan has been instrumental in developing schemes to support and promote JA Alumni as they transition from education into the economy. Each story will be an inspiration to other young people.

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About Ferd (www.ferd.com) Ferd is a family-owned Norwegian industrial and financial group that is an active and long-term owner of strong companies with international potential and carries out financial activities through investments in a broad range of asset classes. In addition to the group’s purely commercial activities, Ferd has an extensive involvement in social entrepreneurship and micro financing.


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About JA Europe (www.jaeurope.org) JA Europe is Europe’s largest provider of education programmes for entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy, reaching 3.5 million students in 40 countries in 2016.
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Philippe Giot
Communications & Digital Media Officer, JA Europe